How to add/fix documentationΒΆ

We decided to use Github to host our documentation and Sphinx to generate it. Sphinx allows us to create automatic docs in HTML, LaTeX, or PDF from the docstrings of Python and C code. In addition, it uses a relatively simple ASCII test format (reST) that can be easily edited on any platform, yet create a good documentation website.

The source files of the documentation are in the openptv-python/docs/source directory, and the respective images are in docs/images directory


If you want to add/fix documentation, then:

  1. fork the openptv-python repository

  2. add the document using reST

  3. add images to images directory and downloads to downloads directory

If you wish to see the result in HTML, then

  1. download and install Sphinx

  2. run `` make html `` from openptv-python/docs directory to generate your local copy of the documentation. Use your browser to see ../../docs/html/index.html

For example:

cd /Users/alex/openptv-python/docs
make html

The result may look like:


5. When the documentation is ready - please submit your pull request and the group will review the submission.

Eventually, using the same setup we will regenerate the HTML and push it to the documentation repository under (see for example